Alech 01Service

call system waiter / service  


"Alech01 Service" is the new professional system and call monitoring
Wireless dedicated to companies in the catering and services, produced by Alech srl.

The system "01 Alech Service" consists of a series of push buttons that call,
when activated can transmit the signal to one or more receivers of different types,
fixed or portable (wrist display, wall, management software etc.).

The receivers can show alphanumeric information, eg number workstation / desktop / room, etc.
Installation is immediate and without need for additional wiring or building works.
The call buttons operate from battery with a capacity of about 10,000 cycles.

Starting from a base system you can then extend the same to your liking, in addition
in addition to the standard keyboard-only call, also versions with 4 functions and differentiated call
three different operators, are also available call buttons for bathroom with cord,
management software for the verification and monitoring of received calls and response times.

1) the customer presses the button you want to call the waiter or services

2) The call is received by the staff with an indication of the table
3) the call can then also be displayed on a wall or bench


Keyboards call




These buttons allow wireless complete flexibility according to the needs of the customer.
The simple version is available with one call more cancellation or version 3 calls more postmark

Each key on the same button can work independently, that is, they can each send
a call waiting tone to a different device
(eg button 2 calls the receiver 1, the 3 key calls the receiver 5, the 4 key calls all handsets).

The cancel button is used to cancel calls on all devices. You can also customize the message that is sent to the receivers and ALP100 ALP300, for example text "Table 1 call waiter", "call kitchen" etc ...

It is equipped with an attachment and release by special tool.













AL300-P and  AL300-W


Portable wrist, can display 4-8 lines of text, and has a memory capacity of up to 3000 caratteri.

Have  low battery warning, alarm unread, function vibration and ring, zoom function for a easier reading of messages.

  • Lithium rechargeable batteries, 
  • dimensions of the body are: 46mm x 46mm and 14.5 mm thick. 
  • rubber strap









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