GSM ederly call system with two way comunication


 "SERENO SOS VOICE"system  allows hands-free communication  for help or can receive a remote  calling from an external phone, the whole sound quality really indisputable and can not be found on other similar products, the voice is clear and powerful .

 see the video

The system is composed by:
Main  GSM device "Alech GA26"
wireless button with wrist  and neck 
external speaker
power supply
user manual

Adopt GSM 850/900/1800/1900 bands, can be used all over the world.

Can pre-set 5 phone numbers: when there is an alarm, it will call these numbers in order. Press DISARM button on the main panel, it will stop alarming.

Can pre-set 5 SMS numbers: when there is an alarm, it will send SMS to these numbers.

Maximum 30 wireless panic button 

The SMS content of the first 5 wireless sensors can be edited by users.

Support remote listen in and two-way communication (only Sereno SoS voice type).

SMS alert for power failure or recovery.

Built-in backup rechargeable battery to keep working after power off.



Answer alarm call

When there is an alarm, the ALARM LED on the panel will be on .

Also the device will send alarm SMS to and call the preset numbers. Press DISARM button on the main panel, it will stop the alarm.

The alarm system will keep calling all the preset numbers in order if nobody answers the call. The default circle time is 3.

If someone answers the  call,  it will enter two-way intercom  status automatically and the buzzer stops ringing.

Then user can press, 2# to disarm,

A long beep means correct operation and three short beeps means wrong operation.


Remote control  operation Operation by remote call:

When users are outside and want to monitor the alarm system, he can call the alarm panel. After getting through the call, user will hear a long



beep. Then press remote control password 5 and #  to enter listen-in or two way communication status. User can hear the sound around the alarm panel. If the password is input wrong, there will be three short beeps; while a long beep means correct.

A long beep means password is correct, while three short beeps mean wrong, you need to input again. If the password is wrong for consecutive three times, the call will be hung up automatically. If there's no input within 30seconds after getting through the call, it will also be hung up automatically.





 Technical Parameters

Power: DC12V/ 1.2A Status current: ≤30mA

GSM bands: 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900MHz

Wireless receiving frequency: 433MHz ± 0.5MHz Receiving code: ASK

Wireless distance: no obstacle 80m Working temperature: +10~+45℃ Working humidity: ≤90%

Backup battery: 7.4V/ 500mAh







Main device GA26


  • 112 mm x 88 mm x 25 mm



speaker AP1

  • 80 mm x 80 mm x 20 mm




pulsante wireless

SoS call button with wrist and neck


  • 45 mm x 12 mm


trasmission distance :  about 50 mt in open air




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