Alech 4.0 Nurse call system with innovative features and projected into the future

System configuration:


Alech4.0 call system will consist of: a central server, a nurse station management unit with voice communication, call units from the rooms that can be wired or wireless and they can be connected with other devices such as surveillance cameras, temperature and humidity sensors, corridor monitors, wireless receivers for personnel, etc.

This system also allows the localization of personnel.In the future it will also be possible to add other devices, such as drip-feed end alarms, patients' body temperature measurement and automatic monitoring, blood pressure measurement with automatic transmission of data directly to the patient's personal data, etc.


Alech 4.0 nurse call system puts you into the future. In addition to the Full IP system, we also offer a mix of Bluetooth or
wireless connections that will allow easy installation and wireless connections with other devices, without affecting their reliability.

Wired connection: Each device can be connected to other devices or to a central unit (server),it can be connected to WEB.

It will be possible to know the operating status of each device in real time, it will be possible to perform updates and maintenance assistance even remotely, it will be possible to add new devices, entire systems, other departments or entire hospitals, and it will be possible to integrate with new devices and internet.

IP technology also allows you to send alarms and messages to mobile phones, VoIP phones, etc.

Wireless beds and Wired system: in some situations it will be much more practical to have a mixed connection, therefore, for example, connecting the rooms and bathrooms with our bi-directional keypads that give the same reliability as the wired system with continuous connection control and status of the buttons. This will allow a streamlining of device installations throughout the room without any building works.

Full wireless connection: the whole system can also be designed completely wireless. This will obviously have many advantages in terms of costs and installation time, especially if you want to replace an old existing system while the patients are still in the hospital

IP-01N -  Nurse touchscreen station

be used in the Nurse
department or for doctor call etc. The same workstation, with
enabled access protection, is able to manage all the system's
functions from the insertion of new stations to the management of
historical calls, etc.
• voice communication with room terminals
• display of presence and localization of personnel position
• call management with other departments
• event management and display on patient security cameras
• several types of alarms that can be implemented
Size(L *W * H) (mm): 300*200*72

IP-01S1   IP room terminal

Room terminal with functions dedicated exclusively to the
operator such as:
• activation and cancellation of call with personal RFID card
• automatic presence activation
• Integrated alarm light
• functionality for voice communication with nurses or other
• functionality for calling doctor “blue code”
Size(L *W * H) (mm): 274*143*44

D-01C  Monitor Display

Monitor 21”  (avaible other size on request)
Monitor for displaying calls with informations
about priority level, type of call, waiting time.
LAN o Wi-fi link

T-01L1    Digital terminal for bed

• voice communication
• integrated courtesy led light,that can be activated by the patient
• main lights control
• hanging keyboard in antibacterial material
• patient priority level display
• Generic patient information will be displayed
     Size(L *W * H) (mm): 190*85*25

T-01L2   Terminal for bed

• integrated courtesy led light that can be activated by the patient
• main lights control
• hanging keyboard in antibacterial material
• oled display for system test informations
• Usb socket for charging external patient devices
   Size(L *W * H) (mm): 130*80*19

T-01L3   Wireless terminal for bed

• full wireless
• integrated with the IP system
• battery life (5 years autonomy)
• possibility to supply it with 12V
• hanging keyboard in antibacterial material
• wireless light on button
    Size(L *W * H) (mm): 130*80*19

T-01B        Bathroom call terminal
T-01BW      wireless  Bathroom call terminal

bathroom call terminal with cord
• it is equipped with LED and buzzer display
• T-01BW wireless with battery
•Battery life about 5 years
   Size(L *W * H) (mm): 85*85*18

L-01S         Light outside the door
L-01SW     wireless  Light outside the door

 outdoor light for alarm signaling
• it is equipped with light and acoustic signaling
• it can be multicolored with simultaneous 4 colors light
• L-01SW wireless version with 12V power supply
• it support simultaneous 3 colors light
    Size(L *W * H) (mm): 104*86*38

R-01P    Portable receiver

• portable receiver for receiving the call while moving with back light LCD display, belt clip and neck lace
• ring and vibration function
• text display
• key for confirming taking in charge of the call
• device with single or multiple charging base
     Size(L *W * H) (mm): 46*85*14,5

Localizzazione del personale

Localizzazione del personale in tempo reale: il sistema Alech 4.0 permette la localizzazione del personale o dei pazienti
Presenza: gestione presenza infermiera nella stanza ed annullo chiamata con tessera RFID
Tracciabilità e storico chiamate: sarà possibile avere lo storico, tracciabilità delle chiamate e tempi di risposta del personale.
Gestione priorità: il sistema Alech 4.0 permette di impostare vari livelli di priorità , abbinandoli al paziente, al tipo d chiamata o ad altri eventi.
Comfort: sarà possibile monitorare le condizioni di comfort della stanza, quali temperatura e umidità ecc.
Connessione: cablata o wireless o mista
Assistenza remota: Sarà possibile gestire e ricevere assistenza in modo remoto a tutto l’impianto di chiamata
Connessione ed integrazione: Il sistema sarà integrabile con i dispositivi del futuro
Connessione a smartphone: Sistema pronto a ricevere e gestire gli allarmi da smartphone.

Configuration system

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